Join A Club For Antique Car Shows

Join A Club For Antique Car Shows

For all the car enthusiasts or collectors out there, those who are passionate about the automobile industry that produces the good old antique or classic cars, nothing can be more exhilarating than having the rare opportunity to attend events that host antique car shows where you will find a dazzling fleet of historical, hard-to-source and stylish vintage cars. Some may think these antique cars can only be found in museums and books but due to the enduring appeal of all these beautiful classics, lovers of classic cars frequently join force to run antique car shows that have become so popular that they are now hosted around the world. Owners of these classic cars take such great care of their prized collection that many of these classics are still functioning, with all their exquisiteness and uniqueness preserved to perfection.

It does not matter whether you attend these shows for research, to gain more knowledge about vintage cars, just as a curiosity or to buy another antique car to add to your collection, visiting these shows in itself is quite an experience. All said, antique car shows are not widely available which means you need to look in the right places for information on upcoming events.

Vermont For Vintage

It is well-known that Vermont is one of the states that hosts antique car shows on a grand scale. If you wish to open your eyes to the world of vintage cars, this is a good place to start. The Stowe Car Show, is scheduled to host their special 50th anniversary on 10th to 12th of August of 2007. Founded and staged by its four hundred strong members of the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts, this particular show uniquely represents the 50th iteration of one of the state’s premier summer recreation events. Highlights of the three day event include a huge automotive flea market taking up an estimated four hundred exhibit spaces with a car corral displaying over a hundred and fifty antique cars for sale. Saturday’s events include the yearly street dance, the fashion judging contest of period clothing and a collectors’ car parade in and around Stowe. The second day’s highlight events include technical judging of qualified vintage cars with the awards ceremony finale scheduled for the afternoon.

For those who are interested in attending the antique car show, please do visit their website at for the latest event details. For the 2007 show, there will be ice-cream and cakes provided throughout the event to honor their 50th anniversary.

Join A Club

On the flipside of the coin, if you are not content with just being a spectator or visitor of an antique car show in that you are already the owner of a vintage car, joining the right club with like-minded members will give you a new avenue to get your classic car exhibited in a show. The Algonquin Antique Auto Club is one of the leading and reputable organizations, formed by vintage car owners to show case their collection of vintage vehicles and to share their interests with other owners.

For those who are interested in joining this club and to find out about the latest shows orevents, their website is at You never know, you may well become the next active member to be in the organizing team for the next antique car show!